Area Tetrathlon

25th - 26th June

Good luck to Poppy Patten, Annabel Powell, Emily and Maisie Taylor competing at the area tetrathlon

The schedule is available on Horse Events

Venue: Swim/Shoot Catterick Leisure Centre DL9 3EL

Venue: Run/Ride at Northallerton Equestrian Centre, DL7 0PQ

Tetrathlon and Triathlon Run/Swim/Shoot will be held on 25th June. 

Riding on 26th June.

For those that may wish to jumps at a lower height- 

There is also a Triathlon option from Junior down to Beanies, as another alternative.

As this is an area competition please email Michelle if you'd like to be considered to represent our branch in this competition stating which level you'd like to compete at.

Horse Passports must be available for inspection on request and equine flu vaccinations must be within 6 months of the competition date.


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