Area Dressage

Tuesday 27th July at Brougham Show Field. CA10 2DE

Entries will be submitted by DC for the area competition (classes 1 to 5)

If you'd like to enter Spring Festival Qualifyers (classes 6 - 10) please enter these yourselves


Click here for competition information and schedule

Competitors will need their own number bibs and must download and print their number. Alternately riders may choose to use a number holder on their bridle or saddlecloth or use bib eaz or similar numbers please not hand drawn. Bridle numbers MUST be on both sides.

On the day of the competition riders must present themselves to the tack and arena steward at least 30 minutes before their time.

Competitors need to check in with the secretary on arrival.

A valid passport and vaccination certificate must accompany the horse/pony to this event and must be available for inspection if required by event officials. Vaccinations must be in accordance with the Pony Club Dressage Rule Book

Class 1:  OPEN TEST Pony Club Open Dressage test 2020

Class 2:   INTERMEDIATE TEST - Pony Club Intermediate Dressage test 2013

Class 3/ 4: NOVICE TEST - Pony Club Novice Dressage 2020

Class 5:    GRASSROOTS TEST: Pony Club Grassroots test 2018


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