Junior Games Training & Competitions   


Games training sessions for junior members who wish to be considered for our games teams this year. Now open to members on lead reins and those who need assistance.




Please message Lynne lynne.steel@btinternet.com or on MHPC mounted games to inform of availability.


Venue for the following TBC each week. 

There will be some assisted and lead rein games sessions on these dates at a slightly later time. 

Details TBC

Sunday 29th May 10am
Thursday 2nd June 10am 
Sunday 5th June 10am 
Saturday 18th June 10am
Sunday 3rd July 10am
Sunday 10th July 10am. 
Wednesday 13th July 6pm

Anyone wishing to attend please email Lynne Steel at lynne.steel@ btinternet.com stating name of child and pony, DOB of child, height and age of pony. Also please state which sessions you would like to attend.  


Children attending must abide by Pony Club dress rules - hair nets, NO hoodies, no clips on bridles or reins, no MGA rope looped reins, correct footwear, hats and tack etc.



25/26th June Rockwood

16th July Northern Zones


Junior games teams

Members to be aged 10 & under on 1st Jan 2022,

ponies to be 14.2 or under


Passports and Equine Flu Vaccinations

A reminder that any horse or pony attending a Pony Club activity MUST be accompanied by their passport. The first and second Equine Flu vaccination injections must have been given and, if needed, correct subsequent booster injections, click here for vaccination rules


Please note - members MUST NOT wear jewellery or hoodies and correct footwear must be worn when riding


We have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the Health and Safety of everyone. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers, officials and coaches.


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