Easter Rally  

Wednesday 10th April, Benridge Riding Centre, NE61 3SB

This rally is open to all MHPC members and will be an hourís instruction in small groups.

Dress code cream / beige jods, shirt & tie, jackets.

9.30.-10.30.   1.15.-2.15.
Amelia Goldsworthy   Emily Gonzalez
Florence Varty Lindsey   Evelyn Davison
Noah Taylor   Robyn Routledge
Heidi Armin   Abigail Wood
Emily Robson   Charlotte Bell
Lucia Doherty    
Pippa Routledge   2.30.-3.30.
    Sophie Pledger Heywood
10.45.-11.45.   Lucinda Hindmarsh
Rose Rastall   Poppy Hubb
Ayda Wood   Emily Hodgson
Daisy Stevens   Caitlin Youll
Darcie Baxter   Erin MacDonald Hagan
Jessica Telford    
Poppy Stevens   3.45.-4.45.
    Sophia Telford
12.00.-1.00.   Abigail Telford
Charlotte Evans Bell   Mia Armin
Ethan Campbell   Isla MacDonald Hagan
Sophie Armin   Harriett Calvert
Niamh MacDonald Hagan   Elizabeth Davison
Charlotte Bell    


Times will be posted here nearer the date.

Cost £12

All entries must now be made through Horse Events and paid for at the time of booking. Entries close 27th March


Please use the following link to Horse Events - https://www.horse-events.co.uk/pony-club-rallies/morpeth-hunt-pc-


Please note

Passports and Equine Flu Vaccinations

A reminder that any horse or pony attending a Pony Club activity MUST be accompanied by their passport. The first and second Equine Flu vaccination injections must have been given and, if needed, correct subsequent booster injections, click here for vaccination rules (updated for 2024)


Organisers of all our events have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the Health and Safety of everyone. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers, officials and stewards



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