Postal shoot























This is a great opportunity to keep up your shooting skills and to practice during the winter months.

Open to all members aged 8 years and over, age on 1st Jan 2024


Well done to everyone who took part in our postal shoot, the results were as follows:


Class 1a Tadpole Boys

1st Charlie Whittaker total score 3480

2nd Edward Logan total score 3460


Class 1b Tadpole Girls

1st Isla Vickers total score 3560

2nd Violet Fisher total score 3280

3rd Arabella Carr total score 3040

4th Lucy Strugnell total score 3000

5th Robyn Routledge total score 2400

6th Abigail Wood total score 2160

7th Harriet Calvert total score 1900


Class 2 Minimus Girls

1st Amberley Foster total score 3940

2nd Poppy Patten total score 3500

3rd Annabelle Calvert total score 3120

4th Chloe Archibald total score 3020


Class 3 Junior Girls

1st Katie Cessford total score 3660

2nd Anna Archibald total score 2800

3rd Charlotte Strugnell total score 2700


Class 5 Adults

1st Kay patten total score 2920

2nd Ellen Wood total score 2820



The competition will run for 4 months November 2023 to February 2024.

Each competitor to shoot 2 targets of 5 shots each per month.


On receipt of your entries, named targets will be sent to you.

They should be returned by the end of the following month, ie November targets returned by the end of December.

Please check the targets and write the scores on the back.


Static or turning targets may be used. Targets can be shot at branch practices or at home or other venues.

In the event of tied scores, positions will be determined by the number of bulls scored across all targets.


Results will be posted monthly on the MHPC website (

Rosettes to 6th in each class. Girls and boys will have separate individual rosettes in classes where there are sufficient entries.

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