Pet Sense Achievement Badge   

Open to all our members

Aim: To be responsible for the care of a pet and ensure itís healthy & happy.

You need to complete a project which should include:

∑        A description of your pet

∑        What food it eats & drinks

∑        Where it lives

∑        How you keep it clean, safe & comfortable

∑        How you keep it healthy & prevent illness & injury

∑        How you exercise or play with it

∑        Note if itís unwell & what you did

You can also include pictures, stories & any other details you think would be interesting.

Your project will need to be sent to Michelle Macaulay, either by email or posted.

Those who successfully complete the project will be awarded the pet sense badge.

There will be a special prize for the member who has put the most effort & thought into the project. This will be judged by vets Ewan Macaulay and Bryony Moores

Donít worry if you donít own a pet Ė just choose a pet youíd like to own & write about that.

Please could you email Michelle so that I know who's doing the badge and how many badges to buy

There is no charge for completing this badge