Information for 2023   

Rallies you may have seen that PCHQ have simplified the 3 rally rule but they have left the decision about rally attendance to branches and areas. MHPC is part of Area 2 and all the branches within our area have decided to continue with the 3 rally rule. This means that Members wanting to represent our branch in any competition need to have attended 3 rallies since July of the previous year. Attendance at rallies ensures that members are confident, capable and safe to ride at the level at which they wish to compete and also demonstrates an interest, loyalty and commitment to the Branch.


Hats From the 1st January 2023, the following hat standards (PAS 015 1998 & SNELL 2001) will no longer be accepted, due to the age of hats made to these standards. All hats will be checked and tagged with the new PINK hat tag at upcoming rallies / training sessions.  


Change to Body Protector Rule.

The new rule states that from 1st Jan 2024, BETA standard 2018 body protectors must be used for all Cross Country and Pony Racing training and competition, regardless of age or ability.

For general use, where wearing a body protector is not mandatory, it is for parents to decide if they want to use one that is not to current standards.