Musical Ride




Virtual Musical Ride Competition 2021 - for this year the competition will be held ONLINE

The Musical Ride is a spectacle not to be missed - providing lots of fun & excitement for everyone involved! We are thinking about entering a team. If you'd be interested please email Michelle (

Rules \- Eligibility

Open to all Pony Club Members.

The team should contain between 6 and 12 riders.

Lead rein riders are permitted leaders must wear a correctly tagged hat.

The duration of the display (choreographed routine to music, wearing themed costumes) within the arena should be no longer than 5 minutes (an additional 1 minutes is allowed for entry and exit, music is permitted for this)

Saddlery & Dress

Hats must comply with current Hat Standards as per the Health and Safety Rulebook. Hats with vertical plastic/metallic strips are permitted. All hats must be fitted with a Pony Club hat tag.

Correct footwear must be worn.

Any normal tack items and riding bits are permitted.

Costumes / fancy dress are optional.

Small, unobtrusive handheld props are permitted.

Ponies MUST be safe when ridden closely to others i.e. no ponies that kick.