Senior camp  



Competition results


  Dressage SJ Showing
Charlotte Evans Bell 3rd 1st 4th
Laura Cannon 2nd   3rd
Catherine Gibson 6th= 3rd= 6th=
Maisie Taylor 1st= 3rd= 1st=
Lucy Carr 1st= 4th 1st=
Emily Taylor 4th 2nd 2nd
Esme Lee 5th 6th 5th
Annabelle Cannon 6th 5th 6th=
Zara Powell 5th= 3rd 1st
Anna Leiper 3rd 5th 3rd
Florence Bell 5th= 6th= 2nd
Annabelle Calvert 2nd 6th= 4th=
Eva Carney 1st 4th 4th=
Willow Lowson 4th 2nd 5th
Poppy Patten 6th 1st 6th
Poppy Hubb 5th= 4th 4th=
Flora Hubb 4th 3rd= 5th=
Lucinda Hindmarsh 1st 3rd= 2nd
Emme Edmondson 6th= 6th= 5th=
Erin MacDonald Hagan 6th= 1st 3rd
Anna Archibald 3rd 2nd 4th=
Elizabeth Davison 5th= 6th= 6th
Emily Gonzalez 2nd 5th 1st

Congratulations to Emily, Esme & Lucy on passing their D test

The points trophy results were

1st Emme Edmondson

2nd Maisie Taylor

3rd Florence Bell

4th Annabelle Calvert

5th= Lucy Carr & Eva Carney

6th= Anna Leiper & Zara Powell