Junior Camp

 22nd - 24th July

Congratulations to all of our members at the first of our junior camps.

D test passes -Emme, Benjamin Emme,Benjamin, Poppy, Annabelle and Willow.

E test passes Abigail, Lucia, Pippa, Noah and Lillie

Full competition results below

Day 1
Day 2 - Teddy bears picnic
Day 3 Competition day
  Dressage SJ Games
Linda's group      
Lucia Doherty  4th 2nd 2nd
Pippa. Routledge 2nd 1st 1st
Noah Taylor 3rd 4th 4th
Lillie Bell 5th 3rd 3rd
Abigail Telford 1st 5th 5th
Michelle's group      
Esmay Fasikin  5th 4th 3rd=
Benjamin Brown  3rd 2nd= 1st
Chloe Archibald  1st 2nd= 3rd=
Poppy Patten 4th 1st= 5th
Annabelle Cannon 2nd 1st= 2nd
Willow Lowson 6th 3rd 4th
Lyn's group      
Robyn Routledge  1st= 1st= 3rd
Harriet Calvert 1st= 1st= 2nd
Sophia Telford  2nd 2nd 1st=
Abigail Wood  3rd 3rd 1st-
Louisa's group      
Lucinda Hindmarsh   4th 1st 2nd
Emma Edmondson  3rd 2nd 3rd=
Flora Hubb  6th= 5th= 1st
Annabel Calvert  1st 6th 5th
Lucy Edridge 2nd 3rd 6th
Charlotte Bell  5th 4th 3rd=
Isla Vickers  6th= 5th= 4th
Fancy dress      
1st Abigail Wood    
2nd Emme Edmondson    
3rd= Abigail Telford    
3rd= Sophia Telford