Junior Camp

 25th - 27th July

Congratulations to all of our members at the second of our junior camps.

Day 1 team work....
Day 2

Day 3 competition day....
  Dressage Games
Michelle's group    
Barnaby Barrow 4th 1st
Indigo Barrow 2nd 2nd
Benjamin Wood 3rd 4th
James Wood  1st 3rd
Lyn's group    
Georgina Heatherington  1st 4th
Florence Varty Lindsay  2nd 3rd
Poppy Barrow  4th 2nd
Wilfie Barrow 3rd 1st
Louisa's group    
Erin MacDonald Hagen 1st 4th
Evelyn Davison  2nd 1st
Zara Powell  3rd 2nd
Mary Leiper 4th 3rd
Jane's group    
Emma Edmondson  1st 1st
Niamh McDonald Hagen  2nd 3rd
Bridie Haywood  3rd 5th
Anna Leiper  4th 6th
Sophie Waite  5th 2nd
Ailsa Heywood 6th 4th
Fancy dress    
1st Emme Edmondson  
2nd Evvie Davison  
3rd= James Wood  
3rd= Benjamin Wood  

All members also received rosettes for jumping

Congratulations to Bridie, Ailsa, Sophie, Niamh and Erin on passing their D tests and to Georgina, Evvie and Zara on passing their E tests.