Area Tetrathlon

22 - 23 June at Stapleton Manor, Darlington DL2 2QP

and Dolphin Centre, Darlington DL1 5RP

Click here for schedule

Entries can only be made through team trainers, not direct to the secretary. This is a national Pony Club rule.

As this is an area competition please email Michelle if you'd like to be considered to represent our branch in this competition stating which level you'd like to compete at.

To ride on the SJ team you and your pony must have completed three rallies, since July 2018, one of which must have been in the current year (camp 2018 counts as one rally) , by the competition entry date.



Rule books are available on PC website, or from HarryHall cost 3, please study these carefully as there are lots of rules concerning eligibility for each level, that affect the level you can compete at.

Entries need to be submitted by 14th June so please email Michelle before 9th June


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