SNPC Triathlon  

Monday 2nd April, West Park, Tow Law

Good luck to


Angus & William Dixon, Iris Dungait, Charlie & Harry Hague, Thomas Kenny,

Lydia and Patrick Mason


This triathlon consists of shooting, riding & running.

The riding will be indoors over show jumps and mobile cross country jumps; to include slip rail and halt box (in which the horse/pony must be stationary within the box for 4 seconds).

Competitors may choose to ride in the class below their age group with a deduction of 600 riding points.

click here for schedule & entry form

Entries can only be made through team trainers, not direct to the secretary. This is a national Pony Club rule.

All entries should be submitted on the attached entry form & sent to

Michelle Macaulay

North Sharperton Steads



NE65 7AE


by 17th March


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