Road Rider Achievement Badge Training & Test

at Benridge Riding Centre


To be taken at D+ to C Test Level - For any members aged 10 & over

This badge MUST be passed before the C Test Certificate can be awarded.

Monday 28th October (all at 10am till 11.30am)

This is a dismounted training session so NO ponies, members will finish the session with a simple written test.

Thursday 31st October (split into 2 groups, one at 10-11am the other at 11.30 - 12.30)

A mounted session, ponies should be clean & tidy and dress as you would for a rally but bring hi viz clothing if you have it.

The session will finish with a ridden test and successful candidates will be awarded the Road Rider Achievement Badge.

Members MUST attend both sessions

Cost £20

To book a place, or if you have any queries, please email Michelle by 18th October


Members should be able to demonstrate understanding of the following:

1. Dress appropriately for the road (horse and rider).

2. Know the importance of Be Seen to Be Safe.

3. Necessary checks before going on the road.

4. Recognition of common Road signs and the importance of Amber at traffic lights.

5. Simple Simulated Route - each exercise to be ridden separately:

            Using a T Junction- Major to Minor and Minor to Major

            Two Left Turns and Two Right Turns

            A Stop and Give way sign

            A Hazard and a Trot over a short distance

            Observation, Road Positioning and Signals

            Correct sequence for making a left or right signal

            Look- Signal- Look Again (Life Saver Look) Manoeuvre

            How to say ‘Thank You’

            Show that they can dismount, lead and remount correctly. (Leading from the offside)