Pony Racing   


January 20thTraining the Trainers/Instructors day at Ian Stark Equestrian Centre.
This is being run as a CPD day and will demonstrate to instructors who possibly have no racing involvement, about Pony Racing and how it can be incorporated into working rallies or Pony Racing Rallies. Pony Racing is not just about going fast, it's very much about balance and control as well and great for children (and ponies) that don't enjoy trotting in circles. More details to follow. 

February 9th  Pony Racing Training day at Gatehousecote, Bonchester Bridge Hawick. For children aged 9 to 15 on Jan 1st 2019 on ponies 148cm & under. May take younger children if room. This is always a very constructive and enjoyable day even if children don't want to race. More details on


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