Junior Games Training





Team trainers

Senior A's - Charlotte Robson (clrobson@btconnect.com)

Senior B's - Louise Robinson (alouiserobinson71@gmail.com)

Juniors - Lynne Steele (lynne.steel@btinternet.com)

Passports and Equine Flu Vaccinations

A reminder that any horse or pony attending a Pony Club activity MUST be accompanied by their passport. The first and second Equine Flu vaccination injections must have been given and, if needed, correct subsequent booster injections.

 click here for vaccination rules



There is increased concern over the impact of Equine Herpes, EHV-1, in the UK. British Equestrian (the BEF, of which The Pony Club is a Member Body) is requesting that all Member Bodies use a process of self-certification whereby they declare their horses and ponies fit to attend the activity. Everyone will need to complete a self-certification form for each activity they attend - forms will be available on our website


Click here for self-certification form which must be emailed to Lynne by 6pm the night before each training session


Please note


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Games training sessions for junior members who wish to be considered for our games teams this year.


Saturday 17th April, 9.30am

Saturday 24th April, 9.30am


Anyone wishing to attend please email Lynne Steel at (lynne.steel@btinternet.com) stating name of child and pony, DOB of child, height of pony and contact email and mobile number and which sessions you'd like to attend.


Junior games teams

Members to be aged 10 & under on 1st Jan 2021,

ponies to be 14.2 or under


Training will be at East Shaftoe, whether this will be Geordies Moor or the Sandyford field will be confirmed nearer the time. Also the venue may have to change at the last minute if the ground is too wet. If an arena is used there will be a small charge to cover arena hire.


Sessions will be in small groups to comply with current Covid restrictions.


I'm sure you'll appreciate that in order to follow current guidelines and for the safety of everyone concerned we have had to put in place very strict procedures that everyone must follow. Thank you for your co-operation with these.


We have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the Health and Safety of everyone. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers, officials and coaches.


Covid 19 Regulations


1.      You will ensure before attending that you are not displaying any COVID symptoms requiring self-isolation i.e. high temperature or a new persistent cough; or living with anyone who is displaying any symptoms

2.      You will not attend if you have been told to isolate

3.      If symptoms are evident, for you or anyone in the household following the rally, you will contact the organiser to let them know and you will stay at home in line with government guidelines

4.      You will thoroughly wash or sanitise your hands on arrival

5.      You will follow standard social distancing at all times possible i.e. remain at least 1m distance from others

6.      If you fall ill, or display any of the symptoms during the session, you will advise the organiser then return home immediately, avoiding touching anything where possible and follow advice on self-isolation