SJ & XC Competition

Sunday 11th October, at Thornton Moor Farm







Congratulations to everyone who took part in the SJ & XC competition


  LR SJ 45cm SJ 60cm SJ 75cm SJ 85cm SJ 1m SJ
1st Robyn Routledge Molly Hargreave Molly Hargreave Charlotte Wright Holly Anderson Holly Anderson
2nd Harriet Calvert Chloe Archibald Ethan Campbell Holly Anderson Lucy Melrose Lucy Melrose
3rd Pippa Routledge Charlie Hague Anna Archibald Lucy Melrose    
4th Harriet Calvert Freya Macalister Charlie Hague      
5th Florence Varty Lindsay           
5th Archie Campbell          
5th Jodie Richardson          
5th Harriet Varty Brander          
5th Noah Taylor          
6th  Lucy Oliver          
  LR XC 45cm XC 60cm XC 75cm XC    
1st Florence Varty Lindsay  Chloe Archibald Charlie Hague Catherine Gibson    
2nd Robyn Routledge Belle Fasakin Catherine Gibson Lucy Melrose    
3rd Harriet Calvert Esmay Fasakin Anna Archibald Charlotte Wright    
4th Archie Campbell Charlie Hague Ethan Campbell Holly Anderson    
5th Lucy Oliver Isla Vickers        
6th  Jodie Richardson