Fun ODE Competition

Wednesday 19th August, at Thornton Moor Farm




Congratulations to everyone who took part in the ODE competition


Class 1 Robyn Routledge 
1st Harry Bell 
2nd = Esme Fasakin
2nd = Harriet Calvert
3rd = Sophia Telford
3rd = Thea Kirby
4th Abigail Telford
Class 2  
1st Lucinda Hindmarsh
2nd Amelia Bradley 
3rd Elliott Kirby
4th Charlotte Bell 
5th Flora Hubb 
6th Rose Carney
Class 3  
1st Iris Dungait
2nd Isabella Hindmarsh
3rd= Lexi Bradley 
3rd= Eva Carney
Class 5  
1st Max Kirby
2nd Grace Walton
3rd Neve Calvert