Junior Camp

30th July - 1st August, at Houndalee Farm, Widdrington


Jane's Group      
  Dressage SJ HP  
1st Annabel Elliott Elliott  
2nd Lucy Annabel Annabel  
3rd Anna Archie Lucinda  
4th Lucinda Lucinda Archie  
5th Archie Lucy Lucy  
6th Elliott Anna Anna  
Becky's Group      
  Dressage SJ HP  
1st Charlie Angus Poppy  
2nd Thomas Charlie Wilfie  
3rd Wilfie Poppy Charlie  
4th Poppy Wilfie Angus  
5th Angus Thomas Thomas  
Linda's Group      
  Dressage SJ HP  
1st Charlotte B Charlotte R Charlotte R  
2nd Charlotte R Mary Barnaby  
3rd Mary Barnaby Mary  
4th Barnaby Charlotte B Charlotte B  
Lyn's Group      
  Dressage SJ HP  
1st Sophie William Katie  
2nd Harry Katie Sophie  
3rd Katie Harry William  
4th Seb Seb Harry  
5th William Sophie Seb  


Well done to all of our juniors members who came to camp. Everyone passed their E test and gained several achievement badges.

Congratulations to Annabel Calvert on winning the Benridge Trophy with her PC Tetrathlon wheelbarrow.


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