Team SJ at Belsay Horse Trials

Sunday 2nd June


Good luck to the following members competing in the team SJ


Morpeth Foxes

Holly Anderson

Lily Sibbald

Charlie Parker

Charlotte Wright


Morpeth Hounds

Kiera Mains

Evie Prosperini

Mason Shield Graham

Abbie Butler

PC Inter Branch Showjumping Competition


Class 1           70-80cm to commence at 10am

Class 2           85-100cm to commence at 14.00



Entry Fee: £48 (£12 per team member)


If you'd like to be considered to represent our branch on a team

please email Michelle ( by 27th April



Teams of four riders – any combination of pony and rider may enter both classes as a member of a team but may only enter once per class.


Teams can be changed for each class and can comprise a mixture of horses/ponies.  Pony Club dress and tack rules apply.  Team colours may be worn.


Teams and team names will be printed in the catalogue.  All entry forms must be signed to indicate acceptance of the rules of this show. 


Estimated start times will be posted on the Belsay Horse Trials website on Friday 1 June 2018


Rosettes to 6th place.  Prizes in kind will be awarded to teams.


1.     Team members enter the ring individually and jump a ‘normal’ show jumping round – riders must wait for the bell.

2.     4 faults for a knock down/refusal/cross tracks.

3.     If three members of the team jump clear, the team may be required to jump off and will choose one member to do so.

4.     The team with the least number of faults in the jump off with the fastest time will be the winner.

5.     If a rider has three refusals, falls or take the wrong course they will be eliminated and may not continue, however the other team members may continue their rounds and their scores may count.

6.     If no teams jump clear in the first round, then teams on 4 faults may have to do a jump off round.



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