Area Quiz 2018

This year the area quiz will be hosted by Wyndham on 18th February at Copeland Athletics Stadium, Whitehaven CA28 8SD

The quiz topics at The Championships and possibly the areas are as follows

1. The Pony Club around the world
2. Name that system
3. Cause & Effect Conformation
4. Alphabet Soup General equine knowledge
5. What is this? Points of horse & Skeleton
6. Pairs Round Diseases
7. Individual Round Tack Room
8. Abbreviations e.g. TPC = The Pony Club
9. Before & After e.g. Show **** Worm = Show Ring Worm
10. Picture Round Venue & Event United Kingdom


If you'd be interested in being on our team please email Michelle

I need to know names by 21st January

Teams will be made up of:
1 Member 12 years & under
1 Member 14 years & under
1 Member 16 years & under
1 Member of any age

Age as at 1st January 2018



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