13+ Rally  

Monday 23rd October, The Pegasus Centre, Tranwell


Instructor Marianne Watts



Lucy Walby

Harri Baker

Hannah Robinson


Jacob Swann

Jess Batey

Ruby Wyld

Tillie Ball



This is open to all members aged 13 years and over and will be an hours lesson in groups of 4.


Cost 20


Replies to

Michelle Macaulay

North Sharperton Steads



NE65 7AE


by 9th October enclosing a cheque for 20 payable to MHPC


click here for reply slip


Marianne has also agreed to do a lungeing demo that day which we may fit in between groups but this will depend on numbers, details tbc


Please remember that you need to return a reply slip by the closing date if you would like to attend a rally. This is simply to enable the rally organisers to sort out rides, numbers of instructors, etc.


Replies received after the closing date will be put on a waiting list & unfortunately we cannot guarantee a place.


Please note for rallies age will be as on day of the rally



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